The Earth of My World

The earth of my world is her skin,

It is hot and soft and yielding beneath me,

My heart is a western wildfire and you struck the match.

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Call me a hater, but the last I check convincing people to believe something you arnt even sure about is called lying. The world isnt all about love and tolerance. Falsely believing shit like this would only cause more damage/larger drama later. Stop being pretentious and stop with the "everyone loves everyone" crap.





There will always be knuckle-draggers like nicetryinternetguy that certainly keeps the hate and intolerance kicking. But we can hope that one day such mud-flinging antics will cease once the unwashed and uncivil are weeded out of the gene pool. Call it naive but we can hope. 

There’s something ironic about calling someone a knuckle-dragger, and then denouncing them for mud-slinging.

And, “…once the unwashed and uncivil are weeded out of the gene pool,” ? Hm, where have I heard something like that before?


Oh. Right.

That escalated from internet banter to “You must be a nazi” very quickly. Especially considering my great grandfather was a Holocaust survivor. Let’s try and keep things in perspective here. It was trash talking. I admitted to mud-slinging behaviors existing because of the people who continue to inspire ire. The person who I openly attacked, nicetryinternetguy, has shown his bigotry several times over…freely spewing the word “Faggot” on this very Tumblr. Now, you might ask why my great grandfather was sent to a concentration camp. Because he was openly gay. Who hated the gays? Nazis. See…but I didn’t call nicetryinternetguy a Nazi despite this similarity because I had at least enough tact to NOT GO THERE.

Let me guess. You also think it’s ok for you to say “nigger,” because you have a friend who’s black, too, right?

I know you think you’re being edgy and super witty, and possibly don’t actually mean what you said…but, considering you’re claiming to be descended from a Holocaust survivor, you’d think that you’d know better than most people just how incredibly ass-backwards it is for you to say shit like that, even in jest.

Also, fuck your concept of tact. You don’t have any, son. You’re the one spouting pseudo-Nazi Eugenics sentiment just because someone hurt your feelings on Tumblr. You need some perspective, kid.

Ah, but wait. You didn’t mean it. It’s totally okay because it was just BANTER. You were just saying inflammatory shit to provoke a response…

…kind of like someone I know named Nicetryinternetguy. Hmmmm.



Man, this Otachirant person is getting all 100% of my love right now. Well said. <3

This is pretty much what I’m about.

Bill the Butcher is my spirit animal.


I watch this disturbing video every easter

I’m in a Vehk mood, clearly.


Real events.

For what separates us now, but a single chromosome?